Fiesta Shrimp

Clean & devein 1 lb shrimp ( enough for 2, 4, etc people)
In a wok (on medium to medium high), add:
*1 TBS butter
When melted, add
*garlic to taste (I like a lot of garlic so I would put in several
*cloves chopped finely or put through a garlic press - if you're lazy you can buy jars of minced garlic)
Stir quickly till all shrimp has turned pink
*Add 1 cup fresh corn (or thawed frozen)
Stir quickly to heat through
*Add 1 cup salsa (I prefer hot - choose your own strength)
Stir quickly to heat thoroughly
Serve with Black beans, fresh tossed salad with crumbled blue cheese & warm flour or wheat tortillas


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